Raw Leafy Greens- Healing Benefits

Raw leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, collard greens, mache, watercress, swiss chard & kale are critical for our health and well being, If you are not consuming them regularly then it is certain you are deficient in vital nutrients and minerals, with various health challenges likely to come up in your life.

Benefits of Raw Leafy Greens:

•Contain precious minerals salts that are essential for our bodies to function optimally.

•Mineral salts are critical to create neurotransmitters for information to get from point A to point B in the body, from neuron to neuron. They are needed for the electricity created by the heart & brain to govern all other organs.

•Mineral salts keep the kidneys and adrenals functioning & create HCL in the gut to help you break down food.

•Contain bioavailable forms of potassium, sodium & chloride that help us to fight off toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and strengthen our immune system against pathogens

•Source of elevated biotics or microorganisms that are responsible for producing the ultimate methylated form of B12 that absorbs easily & gets stored in the liver. It is so important to have ample stores of bio-available B12 (not the type in B12 shots) to assist every other vitamin & mineral in the body.

•These elevated biotics on unwashed or lightly washed organic raw leafy greens help to repopulate the intestinal tract with good bacteria.