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High Fat, High Protein--Good or Bad?

⚡️High Fat/High Protein—Good or Bad?

Right now it’s popular to eat a high fat, high-protein diet despite the harm inflicted on the body by this trend.

Whether the fat is plant based & comes from foods like nuts, nut butter, nut milk, oils and soy or animal based from eggs, milk, chicken, pork or cheese—too much fat thickens the blood, ages us quicker and is hard on our organs, especially the liver.

When people eat like this and avoid healthy carbs and fruit they lose a lot of water. If they are losing weight—it’s really just water. Instead they are dehydrating themselves, thickening the fat in their blood & starving the brain of glucose it needs from fruit and carbohydrate rich vegetables to function well.

Additionally, the liver needs oxygen to perform optimally. Thicker blood means less O2 is present. The liver also needs water and so does the rest of the body. When people eat high protein/high fat diets & lose water, it puts the body in chronic stress mode. Your liver needs water in order to cleanse and perform the critical detoxification process. To keep us healthy it needs O2 and water so it can filter out the harmful elements we come in contact with (viruses, bacteria, toxic heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and chemicals).

The liver also needs O2 and water to sort through the blood and absorb beneficial vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. The liver helps direct these nutrients + glucose + glycogen to the brain & heart. The brain and central nervous system run on glucose, not fat. Blood thickened with fat makes this job harder. Glucose from fruits/carbs help keep the brain cool and running well, whereas high fat diets atrophy and shrink the brain with time.

Even people who exercise all the time and appear lean can have thick, fatty blood and be developing a fatty liver over time. Despite exercise this can still lead to heart attack or stroke because when the blood fat levels are super high, the heart has to strain far more than it should to try to pump blood and this thick blood constricts the blood vessels.

This type of diet can also lead to kidney disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, thrombosis, varicose veins and more.

Source: Anthony William. Medical Medium


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