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My Philosophy

       My life experience has taught me that in order to heal any disease or imbalance, no matter what it is, we have to focus on bringing balance and healing to each aspect of our self: body, mind, spirit. If we simply focus on one aspect of the puzzle, the other two will remain out of sync.

       In my own journey back to "wellness," it was only when I was able to address each aspect of myself that my symptoms began to disappear on the physical level. And even now, every time I start to think I am healthy enough to neglect one aspect of myself, the other aspects start to cry out again, always reinforcing what I already know to be true.


       It's a lifestyle. It's opening ourselves up to change, to new ways of doing things. It's getting to know ourselves deeper than ever before. It's opening up to Spirit to guide our inner healer. It's re-establishing our internal mind-body connection. True health isn't a one stop shop, it's a lovely journey of the soul.

      My dream is to help each unique individual achieve balance within their whole being. In order to do that, we must look at the person as a whole, not merely the sum of each part. It has been my life mission to delve deeply into each aspect of the self in order to extend this understanding to others in hopes that we all may lead happy, healthy, and enjoyable lives.

      The services on this website are a compilation of my life's journey thus far. I base my sessions on the Medical Medium healing information along with my formal education in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I also bring my knowledge and practice of meditation, breath-work, movement and energy healing modalities to the table. These are the tools I use to heal myself, and now I extend them to you.


With Love,


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