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Quick Immune Boost!

This recipe from Anthony William, aka Medical Medium, helped me so much while being sick recently!

☀️ Turmeric Ginger Immune Shots ☀️

•4 inches Ginger root

• 4 inches Turmeric root

• 1-2 Oranges

• 4 Garlic cloves

💫 Put all ingredients through the juicer and drink up!


•Contains Curcumin, a phytochemical with anti-inflammatory properties & beneficial steroidal compounds that are critical in calming down outside inflammatory responses to pathogens.

•Ultimate antidote for pain relief

•Helps with toxic blood, sluggish liver & elevated histamine reactions

•Lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol & increases circulation

•Inhibits tumors, cysts & preventative for any cancer type

•Manganese presence activates curcumin’s ability to extract toxic heavy metals from the body


•potent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-cancer & anti-viral properties.

•high in vitamins & minerals such as Vitamin C, B-6, selenium, calcium & iron.

•contains the compound Allicin, which lowers cholesterol & blood pressure

•Supports the digestive tract, promoting the elimination of toxic matter from the lymphatic system.

•Helps to remove lead from the body & parasites/worms from the colon.


•Great for digestion & assimilation; helps with vertigo & motion sickness; helps to prevent cold & flu.

•Alleviates menstrual cramps, migraines, nausea, heart burn, sore throat, exhaustion, fatigue, constipation, food poisoning & the stomach flu.

•Potent anti-inflammatory compounds known as Gingerols, that have powerful pain killer effects to support anyone suffering with nerves, joint or muscle pain.

•Immune boosting/germ fighting abilities for infections like E Coli & staph.


•High in Vitamin C, A, B-complex, folate, beta carotene, lutein, & minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium & iron.

•Source of glutathione, which is critical for eye health & lung function, cardiovascular issues & hypertension.

•Rich in alkaline salts, which prevent acidosis in the body

•Strengthens digestive system by enhancing peristaltic action, which helps to remove toxic debris built up in the colon.

•antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-viral properties.


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