Lemon Water, Skin & Liver Health

Drinking lemon water everyday has helped my skin so much! I really noticed a difference in its texture & elasticity when I started incorporating lemon water into my day.

️ Side note- It makes me sad to see how many young women are starting to get botox and other fillers because of societal pressures and a lack of understanding about how to actually care for the body to support a graceful aging process. Botox puts toxins into your skin that will oxidize over time and create worse skin issues & wrinkles down the road once you stop doing it. It’s nothing more than a bandaid that in my opinion creates an extremely unhealthy relationship with oneself.

To truly prevent early aging we need to be focusing on taking care of our livers! Health, beauty and longevity start there. Lemon water is one way to purify the body and support it from the inside out instead of injecting more harmful toxins into it that just give your liver more work to do. Hopefully more people begin to understand that.

Healing Benefits of Lemon Water:

•Hydrating, purifying & revitalizing at the cellular level.

•Helps to awaken the mind & energize your body for the day

•Tap or bottled water has lost it’s vitality & living structure, so when you add lemon or lime it activates the life force energy within the water.

•Activated water travels more deeply into your tissues & cells, carrying the essential nutrients we need to survive.

•Source of Vitamins C, B, & minerals such as calcium & magnesium.

•Benefits the digestive tract by relieving constipation, nausea & supports elimination of parasites.

•Helps to break up any sediment or stones in the gall bladder, allowing for bile production in the liver to increase, hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach to rise, & reduction of the bad acids that cause acid reflux.

•Provides support for the immune system, weight loss, alkalizing & detoxing the body & controlling high blood pressure.

•Helps to purify the blood & regulate the body temperature.

•Provides support for the cardiovascular & muscular system, making it a great drink before & after exercise.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

With Love,


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