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Inflammatory Oils to Avoid

The oils we consume play a huge role in our health and longevity, although most people lack awareness around this important topic.

Below are some refined oils that everyone should AVOID using at all times:

🚫 Canola oil

🚫 Cottonseed oil

🚫 Corn oil

🚫 Soybean oil

•Canola oil- extremely processed with chemical solvents, steamers, neutralizers, de-waxers, bleach, and deodorizers before bottling. Typically extracted from rapeseed plants using hethane (ie. soaked in it) and bred to have lower erucic acid levels. Before it was bred this way, canola was called rapeseed oil and used for industrial purposes because the erucic acid causes heart damage in animal studies. Although it still contains 2% of erucic acid, it was given a new name. All canola oil plants were raised to be resistant to herbicides and are GMO. Additionally, trans-fats are present as a consequence of processing.

•Cottonseed oil- made from a byproduct of the industrial waste from the cotton farming industry (not a food crop). Although cotton is GMO, it still requires intense agricultural chemicals to grow and is known as “the world’s dirtiest crop.” Residues from these pesticides are found to remain in the crop. To extract cottonseed oil, the crop is exposed to toxic hethane, bleach and deodorizers.

•Corn oil- processed with chemical solvents, steamers, de-waxers, bleach, and deodorizers. Is typically extracted using neurotoxic hethane and some residue remains in the oil. Comes from GMO corn unless verified organic. It is an omega 6 polyunsaturated fat that goes rancid if exposed to heat. This causes oxidation and generates free radicals (renegade molecules that damage cells and trigger many diseases from liver damage to cancer).

•Soybean oil- one of the most unhealthy oils ever that increases the risk of obesity, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Refined through hexane, bleach and deodorizers. Made mainly from GMO soybeans—tested as having high levels residues of glyphosate, which WHO says is a probable carcinogen. Glyphosate is linked to kidney disease, autism and birth defects.

⭐️ Safe oils:

•Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

•Extra Virgin Coconut

•Extra Virgin Sesame

•Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil

•Cold Pressed Walnut oil

•Cold Pressed Hemp oil

•Cold PressedAlmond oil

•High Oleic Sunflower oil

•Avocado oil

•Grape Seed oil


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