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High Blood Pressure


Did you know that your heart draws blood directly up from the liver?

According to Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, when the liver is healthy and strong then our blood is thin and clean, like sipping water through a straw. However when the liver gets sluggish, fatty or toxic, it’s equivalent to having a clogged dirty car filter. This inflames the organ and causes constriction so it can’t process blood well. As the blood gets thicker and dirtier, the heart has to pump way harder to suction it up from the liver (like trying to sip a milk shake through a straw vs. water).

As a person’s liver becomes more toxic and congested from build up of eating oily, fatty, processed food, sodas, energy drinks, chronic dehydration and other harmful lifestyle habits, the heart can literally be forced to use 10 to 50 times the amount of power to pump blood around the body.

The result of all that increased suction is increased pressure aka high blood pressure.

Additionally, a bad diet and lack of exercise can lead to high blood pressure due to the combined negative effect on the liver. However when the cause of high blood pressure is unknown, this is likely due to a high fat, high protein, high salt, high vinegar diet that needs to be avoided. Most people don’t realize they eat this way, causing their blood to be thicker and pastier while congesting/dehydrating the liver—also leading to fat cells accumulating inside and outside the organ.

Liver stagnancy can also be due to toxic build up from sources such as: heavy metals, pathogens, viral waste matter, pesticides, flouride, plastics, chlorine, DDT, perfumes and many other poisons. These can and do build up over time, clogging the liver (and lymph) which forces the heart to pump harder resulting in high blood pressure.

Each unique person will have a different combo of these things contributing to their situation, and usually there is a heightened stress response with constant adrenaline surges to tip it all off.

Salad Recipe:

Mixed greens

Purple cabbage

1 Mango diced

2 Roma tomatoes diced

1 pear diced

Italian seasoning

Black pepper


1/2 freshly squeezed lemon

1/2 freshly squeezed lime

Side: Hibiscus and Raspberry Leaf Tea


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