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Healing Snack

Celery Juice + Watermelon = The Perfect Healing Snack!

Not only is this healing snack deeply hydrating at the cellular level, it’s also the perfect combination to support the Adrenal glands, which burn out easily due to the demands and stress of our modern world.

By including healing snacks in our diet every 1 & 1/2 to 2hrs that have a combination of bioavailable sodium (celery) + potassium (watermelon) + glucose, and all the nutrients in between, we are providing our body with the strength and balance to keep our blood sugar stable through out the day.

When we don’t know how to support the adrenals or we have long periods of fasting between meals, or eat a high fat diet, our adrenals are forced to step in and provide adrenaline for fuel or to disperse fat in the blood stream to protect out brain/heart and other sensitive organs. This over taxes the adrenals and can lead to burn out. Additionally, adrenaline in high doses is harmful to the rest of our body.

Learning to eat these types of healing adrenal snacks has a powerful effect on mental stability, lessens anxiety, and provides neurons in the brain with what they need to function and respond to stimuli appropriately.

Also you just feel so much more pure and clean by eating high vibrational food with life force energy infused directly from Mother Nature! The spiritual information within these live foods imbeds itself into our nervous system, cellular matrix and our frequency becomes much higher. We literally begin to emit a stronger glow.

So often in my energy sessions I have clients who don’t yet realize how the way they eat affects their emotions, energy levels, mood, reactivity, mental stability etc. You can spend your whole life meditating, doing therapy, yoga, reiki etc. but if you don’t learn to treat your body as a temple and give it the life force it needs, you’ll have a much harder time healing, staying grounded and being aligned to truth and objectivity within yourself. It’s a huge piece of the puzzle that so many of us are missing.

Our intuition/connection to our Higher Self and the Universe can sky rocket once we start to purify and heal within. It’s all interconnected and interwoven for a reason. 💚


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