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Chronic Dehydration


Most people are chronically dehydrated even though they don’t notice it. One reason is because we are constantly bombarded with toxins, poisons, radiation, viruses, bacteria, pesticides and more in this increasingly polluted world. All of these factors have a dehydrating effect. This combined with modern diet & lifestyle practices is a recipe for disaster. How many fresh RAW fruits and vegetables do you actually eat each day? The suggested amount is 9-12 servings per day. Most people have an apple every 2 days! It’s not enough. We need more to stay healthy and hydrated.


One of the reasons we need to stay hydrated is to prevent the blood from thickening. Once you develop thick blood it makes it harder for the heart to draw up fresh clean blood from the liver. This also challenges the heart to provide the brain and other organs with enough oxygen and blood. With time this constant over exertion can wear out the heart. Also thick blood can set the stage for many problems: stroke, heart attack, liver/kidney issues, varicose veins, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thick blood creates a higher risk for cancer because there is less O2 circulating the body, so detox is harder. It also makes it difficult to benefit from an exercise, detox protocol and even energy work because thick blood makes it harder to flush out toxins that build up. Even super fit people can have thick blood and a highly acidic system, which can lead to big issues later in life.


Most people eating high protein diets also consume excess fat in animal protein and plant fats. This is a fast way to become dehydrated and thicken your blood. Low fat from both animal and plant sources is needed to help prevent chronic dehydration. Viruses, bacteria & other pathogens all thrive in a body that is chronically dehydrated, with thickened blood. O2 is critical for a healthy immune system so staying hydrated is essential for anyone dealing with Lyme, MS or other autoimmune conditions. Dehydration can trigger anxiety or panic attacks and even gallstones.

Dehydrating Practices




•Refined salt

•Eating only cooked foods

•Bone Broth

Source: Anthony William, Medical Medium

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