Mental and Emotional Health

Great advice. I suffered silently with chronic depression and anxiety for years, on and off in my teens but then consistently for years in my early 20s until I committed myself to changing my diet and lifestyle and then everything started to shift. It took a big effort on my part with both time, consistency and learning to utilize multiple stress coping mechanisms on a daily basis but it was absolutely worth the work to be free of that dark cloud that hung around me for so long.

Yes there will always be sadness. Yes we will always feel pain and go through hard times but with the right habits in place those “darker” times do not last nearly as long as they used to. Now they’ve become just a part of the natural ebb and flow of life and much less emotionally debilitating than they used to be. In addition to the lifestyle changes above I also integrate very specific high quality nutrients and vitamins into my daily regimen, and support my body every day in its natural detoxing process so that the inevitable toxins we unknowingly & knowingly ingest on a regular basis do not build up to high levels and disrupt neurotransmitter function or mitochondrial function, digestive health, brain and liver health, which are all essential to having a healthy emotional life.