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The food choices you make now will directly affect your future children

This is true. And it starts far before pregnancy (men’s diets matter too!). Take care of yourself so your little ones don’t end up paying the price later. ❤️ One of the reasons i am careful about what i expose my body to is because i know i want to have children down the road and the more clean my body is, the healthier my babies will be.

We live in an industrialized toxic world—we have to integrate practices everyday to help our livers process and eliminate these toxins that are in the air, water supply, chemicals in products and pesticides in foods, medications, recreational/over the counter drugs, high fat/protein diets that put stress on the liver and digestive system (yes this is a fact), and just plain yucky ”foods” like the ones above. It all matters. It is what creates slow brewing diseases.

Most of the time we can not see the immediate effects of our lifestyle choices in a brand new baby or ourselves (sometimes we can but are told it is normal) but it shows up later with behavioral imbalances, emotional disturbances, constipation, acid reflux, weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, other digestive issues, depression, anxiety, anger, irritability and so much more! Overall this type of lifestyle creates a very low, weak immune system.

Knowledge is power, so if we can all care a little bit more the next generation will benefit hugely!

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