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Man Hiking in Nature


"Reconnected and refreshed are the words I would use to explain the amazing session Scarlett gave me. My bond with my son has grown, and what seemed like years of only being able to take shallow breaths has been alleviated. Not only has my physical state enhanced but so has my emotional state.

Cactus Plants


"I cannot recommend Scarlett enough. I’ve experienced a variety of different healers throughout my journey and I can truly say she is one of the most gifted! I instantly felt safe and connected with her and the information she channels always resonates. Whether it’s a spirit communication, holistic nutrition, mediumship or psychic updates, I turn to her for the extra support and guidance. If you are looking for a safe space to connect, heal and grow, look no further!"

Pregnant Woman in Nature


"Scarlett is such a divine and special human being. She is truly so talented and gifted. I feel so comfortable letting her in and seeing all that I am. I have now been twice and every time I go, I feel lighter and more at peace. I feel so connected to who I am truly and braver in my life pursuits. I believe in myself and am no longer deathly afraid of my anxiety/ panic attacks. It used to be life-altering and I catered my whole life, traveling, and relationships around it. And after seeing Scarlett it has been 2 and 1/2 years of not one single panic attack. I feel more confident in myself and ready for any obstacles, or challenges that come my way. She purges any negative connections or ties to unwanted beings I no longer interact with. She frees you of any bad energy or auras following you without out your consent. I am so lucky to have her in my life and I cannot wait to keep going and connecting with my spirit guides, and angels to help continue to keep me courageous and bold like the woman I am. Definitely highly recommend it. You will not regret it."



Scarlett and I met in a Nutritional Therapy program years ago. We decided to meet after class to review the course material, and in that meeting she shared that she was an energy healer, which really piqued my interest. After agreeing to a mini-session right then and there, she proceeded to tell me about a deeply personal circumstance that was happening in my life at that time. And, though I tend to err on the side of science and skepticism, I guess you could say she pretty much immediately earned my trust and belief in her abilities. I knew she was the real deal.


Since then we’ve become great friends. Even though I’ve moved across the country from LA to Miami, we still keep in touch. And when I’m in town, it’s always a priority to have some Scarlett time! Over the years, she’s performed several energy healing sessions with me. Every time, I gain greater knowledge of myself and gain reprieve from whatever deep-seated issue is troubling me. Her gift and her dedication to sharing it are truly special. She has the kind of dedication to helping others that is rare in its selflessness.


As we are colleagues, in that we are both practicing nutritionists, I feel there’s weight in my saying that she’s also a brilliantly intuitive nutritional expert. Not only does she have critical and factual information to share – she has ‘walked the talk’ by having direct, personal experience overcoming her own health challenges.


If you’re unsure whether to take the next step, do not hesitate! You will see immediately that she will make you feel comfortable and safe. She will quickly earn your trust. And, most importantly, she will help you! You will leave your appointment in better condition than when you began.”

Purple Skies


"Scarlett is truly gifted and I am glad that I have found her.  She has an amazing ability to restore and balance my spirit and always has information that I need to hear for my mind.  One of my first visits she recommended writing down what I wanted in a partner and 6 months later it became true. Not saying she is a prophet but if you are willing to listen and take in what resonates, you will leave vibrating at a higher level"

Mountain Cabin


"Scarlett is a dear friend and my favorite psychic, healer and channeller. (And I have experienced a LOT of them in the past decade). We have a beautiful history of synchronistic encounters, back in 2014 when we met in Australia and then again in Asia. I was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey and saw her as a 4-year-ahead version of me, or a Soul big sister. I have learned so much from her! Her gift comes through with such grace, immense precision and profound truths. Every session I took since April has brought great clarity and reassurance in one of the most difficult periods of my life. I knew she was a healer but had never taken a session with her, I got the intuitive hit to contact her for one and wow, I was blown away. The feeling of being surrounded by my guides and angels during the sessions is deeply moving and nurturing, like being held energetically by your soul family and reminded that everything is going to be okay. I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance, presence and healing. Thank you Scarlett for sharing your gifts with the world and inspiring me and many others to do he same."



"As a mental health professional, self-care is my top priority in order to continue to be of service to others. One of my self-care routines is to have reiki sessions with Scarlett. I find Reiki sessions with Scarlett to be like a facial for the soul. The sessions are cleansing, restoring, healing, and transforming. I feel light and energized for days after. And more importantly, I feel grounded. I take my next steps with certainty and with a higher purpose. If you want to renew and recharge, book a reiki session with Scarlett!"

White Theme Bouquet


"Scarlett has been such a gift in my life. Every time I see Scarlett, I am left with the feeling that I know myself a little deeper. I've grown exponentially since seeing her regularly over the past couple years. However, the most valuable thing for me has been getting to know my children on a soul level. It has been incredibly insightful and has become and will remain one of our family's favorite places to go."

Palm Trees


"Scarlett is such an amazing Nutritionist and Reiki Master! She has helped me solve symptoms that other conventional doctors weren’t able to help with. She is sweet, kind, honest and patient. I will definitely keep recommending her as well as continue to use her services."

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains


"Scarlett’s gift is absolutely out of this world. I first saw Scarlett for an intuitive energy healing session. I was so taken away by her gift and how much she was able to help me just after one session. I’ve seen Scarlett for in person sessions, through zoom and even phone call. Each one had such a positive and lasting impact on me. And just recently I’ve been seeing her for nutrition consultations. I’m so excited to have Scarlett helping me on my journey to better health and overall wellness!"



"I have been seeing Scarlett consistently for quite some time now and I have truly loved every experience. The information that comes through in our sessions is both accurate and enlightening and it is obvious that she is a true healer. She is passionate about creating a comforting and inviting experience which enhances the overall session. I was unsure of what to expect with Reiki but during our first session I realized her gifts were real. The messages that came though could not have been made up and I left in awe. My mind was exposed to an entirely new world and I couldn’t really wait for another session. Scarlett has been integral in my personal growth and healing and I look forward to seeing whats to come. She is an amazing Reiki healer, light worker, and I love recommending her services to others. "

Blue Hummingbird


"Scarlett is a gift, someone who is wise beyond measure. Whenever I feel lost or mentally exhausted I always try to make it a priority to go see her. I have suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my life, and her healing treatments always guide me back to what is important, as well as help re-ignite my creative energy. She can always pick up on what’s going on beneath the surface and interpret information in a way that is both constructive and enlightening. I have been to many healers in my life, and Scarlett has always stood out to me because of her passion to help clients navigate all the different aspects of wellness. Not only has she helped me heal deep emotional traumas, but she has shown me how to treat my body with more kindness with her knowledge on diet, nutritional deficiencies and natural medicine. Sessions with Scarlett feel like what I imagine stumbling across an oasis in a desert would be like- rejuvenating, refreshing, and healing. Whenever I leave, I always feel a renewed sense of calmness that sometimes lasts for weeks."

Collecting Pollen from Flower


"The first time I saw Scarlett was for Reiki and a Nutrition Consultation. Following Scarlett’s nutritional advice has made some noticeable improvements to my chronic digestive issues. The Energy Healing sessions with Scarlett gave me a better understanding of what was happening, and more importantly, why it was happening. Scarlett was able to explain why I felt the way I did and how to handle my stress/situation more effectively. Each session with Scarlett has been intuitive and enlightening, providing much needed insight and clarity. "

Cheetahs on Safari


"Scarlett is such gifted healer and all of my Intuitive Healing sessions with her have been incredibly profound and powerful. Scarlett has helped me energetically, spiritually, and personally; and I am so grateful for all that she has done for me. After a session with Scarlett, I walk away with clarity, alignment, and a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose. I feel a sense of lightness and she helps me to release any energy that is no longer serving me. I really had no idea how much energy I was holding on to, until I started my sessions with Scarlett. Scarlett makes me feel so comfortable and welcome and her healing space is absolutely gorgeous and there is such a loving and calming energy. Scarlett's sessions provide me with a sense of peace and direction that lasts long after her sessions and I am thankful and grateful for her beautiful healing services."



"Scarlett is an amazing healer! She’s talented beyond belief! She has a gift, many gifts actually, and although I’ve only had 4 sessions with her, my life has changed 100% for the better! She was able to give me the guidance and help I was looking for and I am now on a path that touches, moves, and inspires me...all thanks to her! I highly recommend having a session with her! You will be very happy you did!

Stoney River


“Coming from a family of intuitives and healers, Scarlett is one of the best healers that I know! I only go to her and one other person for healing and guidance. She's that good! I'm blown away every session and I can feel the difference it is making in my life. During and after her healings, I receive bursts of rejuvenation and growth. I recommend her Reiki sessions to all my friends that ask to see a healer in person and looking to connect to their higher purpose. I am super thankful to have her presence in my life! .”

Sunset Flower


Thanks to Scarlett's bright and fun personality, it's always a pleasure coming back to her intuitive healing sessions! When I first came to seek help from her, I was at the beginning stages of my spiritual journey. Full of doubts and uncertainties of what was going on at the time, Scarlett was able to explain everything to me and guide me on the path that aligned with my highest self. Since then, I feel more confident with my identity as a whole and optimistic when it comes to making important choices in life. I would highly recommend others to book a session with Scarlett, especially if they've been wanting to seek some spiritual guidance.

Purple Flower


"I’ve been to 3 sessions with Scarlett so far, and have appreciated all the insights she has shared with me, coming from my guides, that she has been able to summon. The info the guides have given to me through Scarlett (as the conduit) has been interesting, thought provoking, maybe profound.  For instance, the insights are changing me and my relationship with my son, for the better. I’ve gotten some health recommendations that I value as well. Lots of other info that I’m still thinking about and processing. I will be coming for more sessions with Scarlett, looking for more understanding of my past experiences and gaining new appreciations of the road I’ve traveled thus far in life. And the releasing of any untoward energies that have accumulated over time."

Garbage in Nature


“There are not enough words to say how AMAZING Scarlett is. She’s so incredibly gifted. I have healed on so many levels with her support and guidance. I wouldn’t be the person I am today with out her help. Thank you!!!”

Night Drive


"I really enjoyed my reading from Scarlett, it gave me the guidance that I was needing to make decisions in my life. The details were very interesting and gave me confidence that the reading was coming from a source familiar with me. I enjoyed the reading so much I gave them as a gift to my family members. I was also impressed with Scarlett's knowledge in nutrition and healing through foods. I had gone to several doctors that would only prescribe me pills to relieve the symptoms. It wasn't until my nutrition session with Scarlett that I was finally able to resolve the root of my medical issues."

Rock Balancing


"I believe that a huge deal on how to reach your ambitions comes down to the amount of energy you have. In my Energy healing session with Scarlett, she guided me through deep breathing meditation and helped me release stored negative emotions that had drained a lot of my energy in the past. Since the session, learning how to build and release energy has made life very exciting. Scarlett has shown me that good energy is the key to a beautiful life."



"I’m so grateful to have found Scarlett! I have had so many breakthroughs in the time that I have worked with her. She truly has a gift. I have done Reiki with a few different people and Scarlett is hands down the best! "



"I recently had a Reiki healing done by Scarlett. I’ve known her for years and am so happy she found her calling with helping others and living a healthy life style. My healing experience was absolutely amazing. Scarlett spoke about my past life and present and answered more questions for me then I think she really knows. In the beginning of the healing she said a beautiful prayer that brought warmth and love to me. I felt my grandmother around and immediately started to cry. She then said exactly “You’re Grandmother is here, it is your Mom's mom and she says, finally you’ve come here to get a healing.” These kind of spiritual and I think God experiences are too hard to explain in words, because words can not describe the feeling of this. Also at one specific time in the healing I literally felt her disconnect a chord that was attached to someone that no longer serves a purpose in my life. Near my temples she touched me with her hands and it immediately deflated and rushed out of my body and disappeared somewhere out there in the Universe. I will never forget this experience and am forever grateful that God and the universe led me to Scarlett. How she makes you feel so safe and secure is a huge part for me as healing and connecting with spirits to me is a serious matter and can be done only by the strong minded. Scarlett is so special and gifted. "

Wet Flower


"Scarlett is kind and compassionate and makes me feel at ease during my sessions.  She takes the time to understand what is going on with me and gives me the tools I need to continue healing.  Both of my children have been to see her multiple times as well. She has such a special gift and when I leave I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Thank you so much Scarlett!" 

Cactus Field


" I first encountered Scarlett in a small town in Australia when she was traveling. I saw her giving someone else a healing in the park and I knew I needed that too. I was sad and lost and in need of guidance in my life. Scarlett sat me down on a quiet bench and started channeling higher energy around my body and was able to sense my pain and anger and anxiety, which the path I was on would work out in time. I felt so light and cleansed after my experience with Scarlett. Scarlett tapped into the universe and with the tingling and hair standing up on my body I knew she was very powerful and would only get stronger each day. She has the softest and most beautiful personality. Scarlett helped me so much and did not charge me money but instead it took me 3 days to find her again so I could buy her a coffee and dessert. Not only is Scarlett very professional, but Scarlett is pure white light who can heal and guide people who need guidance. Thank  you for being so beautiful and I just want you to know I would have cried if I did not find you to say thank you and God bless. You are beautiful and I’ll never forget your kind heart and spirit."

Wetland Creation


" I have had several energy healing and nutrition sessions with Scarlett and every time I am amazed at her sensitivity. She is always right on and her recommendations are also just what I have needed. I highly recommend Scarlett! "

Dramatic Sunset


"I have known Scarlett for a good amount of time now and always look forward to spending time with her because of her positive and natural spirit. I recently had a Nutrition Response Testing session with her to see if there were any types of foods that were causing me issues, as I have been noticing a few things happening in my body that did not seem right. The testing session was relaxing and she gave me a ton of background information on what exactly she was doing and answered all of my questions. Before I left, she gave me a list of foods to try and avoid, along with a list of foods that would benefit me more so than others and a few herbs and probiotics to try. I am excited to start seeing some positive changes in my body and let Scarlett know, because I know that will make her happy! Thank you, Scarlett!" 



"I always look forward to a healing with Scarlett. She is always on point. Scarlett sees and helps me understand what is going on in my space. The healings are fantastic. She tends to find things that I didn’t realize I was still holding onto. Very informative and she has amazing energy to be around."



"The range of Scarlett’s healing skills is vast. She’s the full package—she knows how to heal on a physiological level and wields an impressive knowledge of nutritional science and what the body needs, but she also knows how to work within the emotional and spiritual spaces where modern medicine won’t go. She’s worked hard to become attuned to energies and possesses astounding intuitive capabilities. I’ve known Scarlett for 15 years and I’ve lost track of how many times she’s made uncanny predictions about my life that ultimately came to pass. She’s fun and easy to talk to, patient and approachable, clearly and genuinely interested in helping others. She’s the kind of person who would provide her services for free if she had no bills to pay—such is the extent to which she cares about healing people and the world."

A waterfall


"I have known Scarlett for over a year now and she is one of the most gifted people I know. I saw her for a healing session even though I am an intuitive healer myself and she gets the spots I missed. She is incredible with aura healings and also it helps that she is clairvoyant to give me some advice and extra info. She is a natural and I hope to see her again!

Autumn Foliage


"My experience with Scarlett was exactly what I was looking for. I felt a huge difference after my energy healing session, like a weight had been lifted off of my body and my mind. I felt positive again, more inspired and more connected to myself. She's been helping me heal from the inside out in the most natural way that feels gentle to me. Not only that, she has a wealth of holistic health information and gives it freely to any and all. I love asking her questions about various herbs and supplements. I also brought my teenage daughter to see Scarlett for an energy healing session, as she was having some hormonal issues (as teens do) and wow! what a difference in her attitude and demeanor. I am looking forward to her monthly sessions and to see how she progresses over time mentally, physically and spiritually."

Lotus in Bloom


"Scarlett has the greatest gift to heal & move energy. She is so connected and channels so much love and guidance. My sessions are such an experience that I only receive through her—bringing all my family to her."

Monkey Climbing Tree


"I hope you know I think the world of you. The kindness, compassion and love you show to all is wonderful. You are always willing to help and after a healing session with you all feels right in the world. I feel blessed to know you and receive your healing. I am grateful!"



"I have known Scarlett for over 10 years and have watched her progress and succeed on her journey as a healer and nutritionist. Her passion for her work is inspiring. I have had a couple energy healing sessions with Scarlett and they have been really beneficial each time. I personally struggle with general anxiety and am learning new ways to cope and deal in life without alcohol or medications; so naturally, I was open to this experience. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed before and during the process. After the healing I felt a feeling of relief and a sense of calm. Finding serenity and peace in your world is an ongoing process that requires ongoing efforts and this is a great therapy to add into your life on the journey to health and happiness. When you are working with someone who truly loves what they do you can feel it and that is the case with Scarlett."



"Scarlett, thank you so much for yesterday. Thank you for such a powerful healing session...I feel so much lighter and clearer. It also feels like I did a huge work out yesterday which is interesting! As always, I'm amazed--you are such a powerful soul and wise woman. I appreciate you so much. Thank you Scarlett!!!" 

Bee on a Daisy


"I’ve been seeing Scarlett for about 8 months. When I go in, I always know I’ll leave with  guidance and peace which is comforting and grounding. I feel light and relaxed when I leave. Scarlett has a centered practice with meditation and an intuition I need to realign and feel centered. I will definitely continue to return as I value her instincts and ability to bring through what I need. I appreciate her work tremendously!" 

Green Leaves


"The session was life-changing. I gained so much insight into myself and those I love deeply. Scarlett is the real deal. As a clinical psychologist, coming from a researched based perspective, I realized I have a lot more to learn from this type of healing. The integration of the mind, body and spirit is instrumental. Scarlett reinforced what I already knew intuitively and expanded my vantage point and curiosity to learn and grow more from her teachings. I feel so blessed to have met her and literally felt the pain I have been holding melt from by body!"

Pink Blossom


"Scarlett has a true heart of gold, and it shows in her work. She is a loving and pure channel, and practices power spiritual ethics, and creates a safe space for deep healing to occur. I am so grateful for my time with her!"

Wedding Bouquet


"My sessions with Scarlett changed my life. Her ability to receive and interpret messages so clearly from my guides and angels, in combination with her ability to channel very powerful energy healing, helped support my healing in the most profound way. She is so compassionate, gentle, trustworthy, honest and empowering. Anyone who works with her is very lucky."

Mountain Peaks


"Hi Scarlett hope you are doing well. 😊 It's been a while since my last session just wanted to share with you I had a baby boy. Since my first session I started seeing angel numbers often. My son was born 11-22-2022 at 12:12. 💙 Wanted to thank you for your guidance 🙏."

Natural Disaster


Scarlett is amazing, I went to her for a healing and she worked with me with compassion and understanding. Enlightening me and bringing forth light and messages from angels. She left me with calm, peace and hope. I would recommend Scarlett for any of her sessions she is professional and experienced with great insight



"Thank you so much Scarlett. I feel so much better, so much happier now. There's a lot to integrate and pray about but my heart and my body are so much lighter! Thank you." 

Cave Explorer


My experience with Scarlett was absolutely incredible. We did a virtual soul counseling session and the energy I was able to release and the healing and guidance I received was something I can't even give justice describing with words. It was truly magical, I felt so much lighter and clearer after the session. I slept the best I've ever slept that evening and continued to have positive energy and positive feelings after the session for a long time following. Scarlett has a wonderful soul and she created a very safe and open space for me to feel open to receiving the messages and insights I needed. I would recommend Scarlett to anyone and I will certainly be back for more sessions and more of her services! THANK YOU SO MUCH SCARLETT!! <3

Pine Tree


"Scarlett was great and so on point. I understood everything she was seeing and feeling. It felt so good to hear someone explain the struggles I might have otherwise pushed away. She was beyond helpful and gave me so many cool ideas of things I could do to help my path turn into a brighter more positive future. I love that we did the audio option for the Soul Path Reading because I often listen back to it and it helps me during any tough times. Thank you so much, you really are one of a kind."



"Scarlett’s gifts are transformative.  I suffered from PTSD, as well as some challenges with Epstein Bar when I found her. Scarlett’s healing modalities addressed all my issues in a sacred and very specific way. I don’t recognize the person I have become but I love me! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to heal with Scarlett."

Fog and Nature


"My spiritual experience with Scarlett was not only wonderful and eye opening, but it was a real blessing. I have always accepted that I was different from others without any hesitation. With Scarlett’s guidance I am learning to tap into my spiritual voice, and listen to the messages it has for me. Through the spiritual channeling Scarlett provides for me I am beginning to feel empowered and protected. She is teaching me to tune into my positive energy through meditation, prayer, and nutrition. Scarlett has provided me with not only a happier outlook on my energy, but also a healthier one. I am tremendously grateful for her guidance and her gifts. She is truly my go to angel. I strongly encourage anyone seeking spiritual guidance or support to contact Scarlett and set up an appointment."



"As someone who has just started exploring their spiritual gifts, things like energy, meditating, and nutrition, were areas I knew nothing about. Not knowing the importance of my mental, physical, and spiritual self left me overwhelmed, depressed, drained, and energetically imbalanced. With the right timing, I was lucky to have been introduced to Scarlett, and from my first session (which was about November of 2017) up until now (Nov 2019) I have improved immensely. As with anything new, I was nervous at first, but Scarlett made me feel comfortable, and never overstepped set boundaries. She explains her processes in great detail so I knew exactly what to expect when I went in for a session. With my two years of working with Scarlett, I can say her knowledge of Reiki, nutrition, life experience, and the spiritual realm is incomparable. She is one of the best. Her prices are fair, and she goes above and beyond for her clients, which makes it all the worth to book a session. Seeing Scarlett for the amount of time I have, has enabled me tune into my spiritual gifts and heal my chronic illness. I leave every session feeling great, happy, and energized enough to partake in activities that I thought I had a lost passion for. Without Scarlett, I don’t know where I would be."

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