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Intuitive Energy Healing- adult

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 150-180
  • Madison Street

Service Description

In addition to Reiki, over the years I have studied a few different energy healing modalities that I combine together during these sessions. I have a very strong and clear connection with Spirit, which I channel during the session, allowing me to receive Divine guidance as to what to say to help my clients gently delve into the emotional depths of themselves and clear out emotional trauma or stuck feelings of negativity that no longer serve their growth. By releasing this energy, my clients feel lighter and happier, with a renewed sense of clarity and positivity in their lives. In terms of the physical body, I am often guided to clear away any built up stress in various organs, or clear any blockages that may be present in the energetic pathways of the nervous system and chakra centers in the body. As a clairvoyant and nutritionist, I may also receive messages about the body's current state of health, nutritional needs or deficiencies that are contributing to stress on the emotional/mental levels. And other times, if the physical body is in need of deep restoration then the session will be quiet as I guide the energy to flow deep into the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for rejuvenation at the cellular level. The energy will take you into a deep meditative state. Every session is different depending on the individual and what is needed at that time. Sometimes family members who have passed will come into the session to guide us when needed, other times past life experiences will surface if it is relevant to the healing, while other times we will be clearing out energetic cords to past partners, friends, family etc. It really just depends on how we are guided during the session. Your soul and your guides know what you need, I am just hear to relay the messages and be the conduit for your healing. True healing is very similar to peeling away the layers of an onion--sometimes it can take more then one session to get to the core of a specific issue, and other times the energy is cleared at a faster rate. All I ask is that you are open and willing to meet me half way. The depth that you are ready to go within yourself is the level at which I will be able to take you. Sessions rate: Each session lasts a minimum of 90 min with an investment of 150, however if the session goes to 120 min or 2 hours then it will be 180. Sessions are available in person or through zoom video conference. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Contact Details

  • 24050 Madison Street, Torrance, CA, USA

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