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My Training

My Training/Experience:

​​ ​​

  • 2021- Yoga Teacher Training, 200hr, Yogalution Movement

  • 2020- M.S. Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, University of Western States

  • 2017 to 2019- Holistic Nutrition, Supplements, Flower Essences, Nutritional Muscle Testing, Body work and Healing arts, Blaine's Nutrition Center

  • 2016- Master Clairvoyant Reader and Healing 1-5, Intuitive Healing Institute

  • 2015- Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Nutritional Therapy Association

  • 2015- Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Ulan Nutritional Systems

  • 2014- Vipassana Meditation,

  • 2014- Gendai Reiki Shinpiden / Reiki Level III Master Practitioner, Topaz Visions 

  • 2013-  Master Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer See You Inside Spiritual Center 

  • 2013- Gendai Reiki Shoden/ Level I and Reiki Okuden Level II Practitioner, Topaz Visions

  • 2011- B.A. Communications and Marketing, California State University of Long Beach

  • 2008- A.A. in General Education, El Camino College

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