"My spiritual experience with Scarlett was not only wonderful and eye opening, but it was a real blessing. I have always accepted that I was different from others without any hesitation. With Scarlett’s guidance I am learning to tap into my spiritual voice, and listen to the messages it has for me. Through the spiritual channeling Scarlett provides for me I am beginning to feel empowered and protected. She is teaching me to tune into my positive energy through meditation, prayer, and nutrition. Scarlett has provided me with not only a happier outlook on my energy, but also a healthier one. I am tremendously grateful for her guidance and her gifts. She is truly my go to angel. I strongly encourage anyone seeking spiritual guidance or support to contact Scarlett and set up an appointment."

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As someone who has just started exploring their spiritual gifts, things like energy, meditating, and nutrition, were areas I knew nothing about. Not knowing the importance of my mental, physical, and spiritual self left me overwhelmed, depressed, drained, and energetically imbalanced. With the right timing, I was lucky to have been introduced to Scarlett, and from my first session (which was about Nov. of 2017) up until now I have improved immensely. As with anything new, I was nervous at first, but Scarlett made me feel comfortable, and never overstepped set boundaries. She explains her processes in great detail so I knew exactly what to expect when I went in for a session. With my two years of working with Scarlett, I can say her knowledge of Reiki, nutrition, life experience, and the spiritual realm is incomparable. She is one of the best. Her prices are fair, and she goes above and beyond for her clients, which makes it all the worth to book a session. Seeing Scarlett for the amount of time I have, has enabled me tune into my spiritual gifts and heal my chronic illness. I leave every session feeling great, happy, and energized enough to partake in activities that I thought I had a lost passion for. Without Scarlett, I don’t know where I would be.



Scarlett has been such a gift in my life. Every time I see Scarlett, I am left with the feeling that I know myself a little deeper. I've grown exponentially since seeing her regularly over the past couple years. However, the most valuable thing for me has been getting to know my children on a soul level. It has been incredibly insightful and has become and will remain one of our family's favorite places to go.

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Scarlett is such an amazing Nutritionist and Reiki Master! She has helped me solve symptoms that other conventional doctors weren’t able to help with. She is sweet, kind, honest and patient. I will definitely keep recommending her as well as continue to use her services.