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Soul Counseling

Single Sessions for Adults.

Virtual Only    


What to Expect During Your Session:

**Adults only**

This is a sacred experience where I connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels to receive insights about any questions you might have to support you on your path.


They also provide general information around your life and show me careful intuitive messages to guide you deeper into understanding your Higher Self and what you need to feel lighter. 

In this session you can share anything you want with me in a space of non-judgement. My role is to hear you out and receive genuine insights that will help you unwind and unlock parts of your soul journey, and to help you understand current challenges from a higher perspective. The process will guide you to release built up emotions and help you understand yourself on a deeper level. 

Potential Topics: 

  • Career

  • Soul journey  

  • Family challenges

  • Guidance for parents

  • Support for empaths 

  • Mind-body-spirit challenges 

  • General Insights  

  • Questions you provide

The insights that come through will be what is needed for you to understand at this time.

My hope is that you will feel safe, comfortable, and surrounded by light knowing that I am here to hold space for you, support you, listen and guide you on your path. 


You are not alone in this world and your Spirit Team is so excited to shine light and surround you with helpful feedback that supports you in whatever growth period you find yourself in right now. 

Any issues you are currently dealing with will be supported in a safe, confidential, and sacred way that allows you to leave feeling more aligned to your Higher Self and path.

Session Details:

  • Sessions are available via zoom conference call.

  • Be prepared to take notes if needed. This will help you to refer back easily later.

  • Zoom sessions are recorded and will be emailed to you within 2-3 days.

Single Session: 

  •  90 min -  $250


Schedule a Session: 

Please click the link below to schedule your session. I will be updating my calendar as often as possible. 


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