Prayer for Forgiveness

Needed during these challenging times on Earth always ♥️

It sometimes takes a while to get there, but the Soul always feels the release of negativity and heaviness within itself when processed properly. I am so grateful for my lessons in tolerance, self-love/hate, shadow work and forgiveness for making ego mistakes lately. It’s all part of the growth we are meant to do here in our lifetimes and everyday i am feeling more safe with who I am and how I operate on this 3rd dimensional plane that is slowly shifting into 5th dimensional awareness.

We are fully encouraged to embrace the sorrow and dark periods with sensitive embraces of who we are by journalling, talking out problems, releasing with natural support from the ocean/trees/animals/exercise— and drinking living high quality water is essential more than ever to move the cellular DNA we are clearing to a crystalline level of light that is not swift in these tough physical bodies of ours.

Nutrition is also a huge piece of the puzzle right now and more people will be called to forgive themselves for ignoring or harming their body, mind, soul.

That’s my insight for today from my Higher Self. Hope it helps someone process their emotions like I am.

With gratitude and forgiveness we will pass through all our initiations with ease and grace on Earth. ✨

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