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Today one of my clients who is in her 70s received a beautiful message from her guides to remind her & thank her for being a “torch bearer” indigo that came to Earth at a very pivotal time in its evolution.

They said that her soul was very strong for volunteering to come to this dimension when faced with more difficulties than she would have if she chose to postpone her incarnation. Many indigos raised their hands and voted to bring through divine experiences that would promote peeling back the layers of dense energy and clearing out the old ways for integration of new fields of Light and consciousness to emerge on this planet. By breaking down certain societal norms that were in place for hundreds of years, these brave souls opened up the crystalline grids to allow more highly sensitive crystal children, light workers & starseeds to have an easier time on Earth than they would have otherwise.

The guides I channeled also said that many indigos from her generation are returning to this remembrance of their truth and by activating their memories this will also activate energies within the Earth’s grid that are in the process of transitioning into higher octaves of light.

She was forgetting that she came here to anchor in higher frequencies through her understanding of having previously lived in higher dimensional planes, which are less dense physically and more awakened than the Earth plane. They kept using the phrase “torch bearer” soul to ignite a memory of her true radiance.

It was beautiful to see the expansion of her soul & hold space through out the experience. I thought I would share because remembering this is special to me as my soul also contracted to bring through various light codes and to live a life that is more rare & would be more challenging with out these brave beings who came first to lighten up this planet’s frequency (which is undergoing massive vibrational shifts as I share this).

Very special session. Every day is another surprise.

With Love,



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