Channeled Reading

Virtual Sessions & Package Options Available.


What to Expect During Your Session:

During a Channeled Reading session, I will connect with your team of Spirit Guides, and Angels to bring through insights and information about your current state of being. 


This session is akin to Spiritual Counseling and can be taken in pretty much any direction you like. You may ask direct questions or chose to receive general information. 


Every session is unique, but in general your guides will begin by showing me your energy field, as well as what you are creating as a Soul at this time. If applicable, I will be able to access energy in the form of chakra blockages, relationship patterns, physical challenges, health information, emotional patterns, self image, success, family dynamics, career, abundance, ancestral influences, body/spirit communication, past lives, karmic agreements and other insights specific to your unique energy imprint.


By looking at this information you be able to address and release blocks that may be affecting your life in these different areas.The energy that comes through will be what is needed for you to understand at this time. 

This session is a great option if you are confused about a certain issue or situation in your life and would like more specific spiritual insight from your Guides.


It can help you to make sense of why certain relationships occurred in your life, the lessons you have gained from them, and it will help you to heal core wounds that have influenced your expression as Soul in this lifetime.


This session will also help you to connect more deeply to your inner voice, unique gifts and Soul purpose. It will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey. 

Any issues you might be currently dealing with, as well as any insights that come through the session will be approached in a loving and confidential manner.


My hope is that you feel safe and comfortable knowing that I am here to hold space for you, support you, listen and guide you on your path. 

Session Length/Rates:

  • Sessions are available on the phone or via zoom conference call. 

Single Sessions: 

1.5 hr- $200

**Please Read** 

If more time is required, there will be an additional charge of $20 per half an hour.


3 Sessions: 

$540 when paid in full (10% off) 

6 Sessions:

$1080 when paid in full (10% off)

Schedule a Session: 

Text message is the best way to get ahold of me to schedule a session. You may also fill out the contact form or email me directly. Please be specific as to which session or package you are interested in, and whether you prefer to meet in person or virtually. Thank you!

Text: 310.951.2298

Email: Scarlett@healwithscarlett.com