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Intuitive Energy Healing- Child

Single Sessions & Package Options for Children. In-person only.

Intuitive Energy Healing- Child

Energy healing is a powerful modality for releasing self-doubt, uncertainty and 

stuck energy in the physical body, aura and chakras that prevent us from feeling balanced and whole.This is helpful for children and teens that are struggling with self-acceptance, heightened emotions, empathic absorption, heightened sensitivity, emotional trauma, mood swings, energy attachments, negative self-talk, family trauma, karmic patterns etc. Over the course of several sessions, you will notice a shift that is really transformative.


What to Expect:

The first part of the session is a short period of connecting where if needed, the child or teen may feel called to open-up and share any emotional build-up or sadness they are carrying. Once we transition to the healing table, I will say a prayer and connect with my Healing Guides to help support and guide the healing experience while beautiful, relaxing music plays in the background.


The energy will guide them into a meditative state to help them let go and feel lighter after the sessionI often receive special intuitive messages that are loving, supportive, safe and bring clarity to current experiences the child is challenged by.

Overall, energy healing is a wonderful tool for creating emotional balance, homeostasis and a feeling of ease and deep relaxation for your child, allowing him or her to reset on a deep internal level. 


Single Sessions:


  • 90 min to 2 hr- $250 


Age 6 and under:

  • This age group is usually too young to lay still on the healing table for the period of time needed to receive a healing. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, thank you.


Healing Packages: 

  • 3 sessions- $750

  • 6 sessions- $1500 

To book a healing package click here.

Schedule a Session: 

Please click the link below to schedule your session. I will be updating my calendar as often as possible. 

Book a Session

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