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Intuitive Energy Healing

Single Sessions & Package Options for Children & Teens. In person & Virtual. 

Intuitive Energy Healing- Child: 

Energy healing is wonderful for children and adolescents too. Is your child dealing with anxiety, insecurity, sadness, emotional outbursts, or mood swings that you can't seem to navigate? If so, this may be the right therapy to bring into their lives.


Energy healing is a powerful tool for releasing self doubt, uncertainty, and any stagnant and stuck energy in our mindset that prevents us from being our true selves, which is particularly helpful for children and adolescents that are still learning about themselves and figuring out their place in the world.


The session also helps to release any built up emotional energy in the child's space such as anger, depression, irritability, or any energy they may have absorbed from the people around them and in their environment.


During the session, I will connect with Spirit and your child's Guides and Angels to bring forth clarity to current situations they may be facing, shed a light on their life path and purpose, while also gently releasing habits and patterns from past incarnations and any presently learned behaviors that do not serve them right now. We will also identify any additional support needed from the family at this time to help them become the best version of themselves as they grow up.


Both adolescents and children respond really well to energy healing. They are able to relax easily and clear energy faster than most adults because, in general they have less built up stress and trauma in their space due to their age and life span on this planet. With that said, every person is different and often times more than one session may be needed.


Overall, energy healing is a wonderful tool for creating emotional balance, homeostasis and a feeling of ease and deep relaxation for your child, allowing him or her to reset on a deep internal level.

Session Length/Rates:

  • For children ages 11 and older, sessions are available in person or through zoom video conference call.

Ages 5 to 17:

  • 1.5 hr - $150

Infants to Age 4:

  • Parents will need to book an adult session for themselves to receive healing/communication for the baby or toddler. 

**Please Read** 

If more time is required for the session, there will be an additional charge of $20 per half an hour.


This is in relation to questions from the parents, or if the child needs to vent to release more than the normal session. Also sometimes during the healing, once in a very deep state I will be guided to work on a specific area that can only be addressed at that energetic state of being. The price will increase to reflect the time spent in session. Thank you for honoring my time and my dedication to helping you heal and release energy that no longer serves you. I look forward to connecting in our session together. 

Schedule a Session: 

Text message is the best way to get ahold of me to schedule a session. You may also fill out the contact form or email me directly. Please be specific as to which session or package you are interested in, and whether you prefer to meet in person or virtually. Thank you!

Text: 310.951.2298

Email: Scarlett@healwithscarlett.com