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Holistic Nutrition

Initial session, Follow-ups, and Packages.

In-Person & Virtual. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle

The physical body is the sacred vessel and temple of the Soul. In order to feel balanced and aligned emotionally, mentally and spiritually we need to take care of that vessel and give it the support it needs to keep us well. Living in a world of information overload can make that task feel overwhelming at times, especially when living with depression, anxiety, and other chronic health symptoms.


Depending on your situation, it can be confusing to know what foods to include, which supplements to take, when to cleanse, or simply just how to start. These are all questions that come to mind when we want to make a lifestyle change or incorporate healthier routines into our daily lives. Sometimes all these questions can be enough to say forget it. Trust me, I understand and I have been there.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, it is my job to guide you through this process and help you to cut through all the smoke and mirrors so that you can get the right information for your unique body.

Root Causes

I am passionate about empowering you to understand the root causes of your symptoms and this will set the basis for your program, while also teaching you how to prevent future illness. Each session will be highly individualized so that you can be successful in implementing changes in your daily life in a way that works for you. 

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and live a happy, healthy life. Together we will create a path that you feel comfortable and confidant following, which ultimately allows you to live your life with greater ease, clarity, happiness, energy, self-love, and over all vitality.

Initial Consultation

This session will set the foundation for your nutritional healing program. Prior to meeting, you will be asked to fill out a diet/lifestyle journal along with a few questionnaires in order to more deeply understand you as an individual, your specific health goals and the journey you have gone through to get to where you are now. This will also help me to identify any triggers that may be contributing to your health symptoms.


From this information, we will create a healing plan that is specific to your needs and the steps you are ready to take at this time. We will also discuss lifestyle factors, stress management, herbs, supplementation and how you can best be supported on your healing journey. After our session, you will receive an email re-cap of everything covered as well as resources to move you forward with your healing.  

2 hrs- $350

  • Sessions are available in-person or online through zoom conference call.

  • Be prepared to take notes. This will support you until I email you with the re-cap of our session, which takes approximately 1 week to put together.  

  • Follow-up sessions are highly encouraged for the best healing results to occur.

Follow-Up Consultations: 

This session is all about taking you further and moving you along the path of healing. We will discuss your progress, any changes that have occurred since the initial visit, and take time to answer any questions that come up.


This is also where we will be able to add in additional healing protocols, new supplements, herbs and other layers to the foundation of your nutritional healing program to account for changes that occur in your body over time. After determining your progress and unique needs, we will create an updated plan to keep you moving forward with your health goals. 

For existing clients only. 

  • 90 min- $275

Details to know: 

  • Follow-ups are available in-person or online via zoom conference call.

  • Be prepared to take notes. This will support you until I email you with the re-cap of our session, which takes approximately 1 week to put together.  

  • Follow-ups are recommended once per month to keep you on track with your goals.


It is important to recognize that the body generally takes a minimum of 6 months for a true healing cycle to occur. Having said that, it may be necessary for us to meet more than once to provide you with the information and support needed to integrate the dietary and lifestyle shifts necessary for healing and reaching your goals.

If you are ready to commit, these package options are for you.

  • All sessions are available in person or via zoom conference call.



  • $875-  (save $30)

This healing package includes:

1- Initial Nutrition Consultation (2 hrs) 
2- Follow-up Consultations (90 min)
2- email questions in between each session to support you on your healing journey. (4 total)

For best results this package should be used within 1 year to support any challenges that come up during the first healing cycle your body goes through and to support you in keeping a healthy lifestyle while moving the needle beyond where you are currently experiencing health challenges. Healing is not a linear process so I am here to guide you when you need to change or add layers into your daily life, to do deeper cleansing if needed or to meet your body’s inner needs.

If you prefer to pay cash or check in person, please connect with me beforehand and I will provide a $20 additional discount.

  • To book a package click here.

Schedule a Session: 

Please click the link below to schedule your session. I will be updating my calendar as often as possible. 

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