Crystal + Sound Healing

Single Sessions Available.

In-Person & Virtual    


Sound Healing & Crystal Magic

This is a sacred experience of deep rejuvenation for your soul where the crystalline frequencies of love and sound mix to create an essence of pure harmony within your body, mind and spirit. 


It is an in-person healing session, where you will be laying down on a massage table and receiving angelic healing while also having crystals placed on different chakras or areas of trauma built up in the energy field.


Once there is a relaxing feeling I will begin playing singing bowls near, around or on top of your body as needed to cleanse and realign your field to a higher octave of light. It is a quiet energy exchange where you are able to recharge your spirit and receive insights, guidance, but you may be shown colors, images, visuals and feel energy moving or fall asleep during the experience because your Higher Self will fill up with love and communicate needed ideas and healing vibrations to support your journey in and out of the session. 

Session Length/Rates:

  • Sessions are available in-person.

  • Please dress comfortable and bring a water bottle if needed after the session.  

Single Session: 

  •  90 min -  $250 

Schedule a Session: 

Please click the link below to schedule your session. I will be updating my calendar as often as possible.