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Recommended Healers  


Here is a list of practitioners to help you on your wellness journey.

I hope it guides you to the right person that can help you move the needle forward in your life in whatever way is best for you at this time. Take a moment to connect with your heart and you will be guided to the practitioner that is aligned to your spiritual path by the angels around you.

Marisa Marinos - Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Medium. Specializes in soul support, mediumship, grief counseling, support for empaths and life path readings. 

Anne Marie Pizarro- Akashic Record Reader and Teacher of the Akashic Records, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sacred Geometry and more.

Geoff Jowett- Intuitive Spiritual Medium and Psychic, Spiritual Educator and Author of several best selling books and angel cards

Dr. Virginia Prior- Traditional Eastern Medicine, Accupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Natural Fertility, Lifestyle and more.

Morgan Burke- Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Nutritherapy.

Karin Fogerty- Master Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Creator of Unleash your Ultimate Potential. Offers weekly webinars, clairvoyant energy tools, house healing, business healing and more. 

Dharma Shakti- Yoga Instructor, Therapist and Ayurvedic Coach. Free yoga on the bluff in LB. Donation based yoga classes/events/retreats at Yogalution Movement and Wellness Center in Long Beach.

Valorie Renee - Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Leader, offers talk therapy, crystal healing, reiki classes, weekly classes and more.

LeeAnn Disalvo- Master Clairvoyant Teacher and Quantum Alchemical Healer. Offers classes to teach intuition, clairvoyant energy tools and energy healing online to students around the world. 

Margaret McCormick- Healer and Channel for removing negative entities, spiritual imprints, aura cleansing and more. 

Julie Freedhardt- Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Women and Teenagers. Hosts teen groups, women's circles and wellness events.

Luis Ramos and Norma Ramos- Naturopathic Practitioners. Supporting the community in Redondo Beach for 15 years with natural medicine and energy healing modalities. 

Manuri Ranasinghe.- Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Leader and owner of Soul Fitness LA in Redondo Beach. Serving the community with yoga therapy, healing classes and events.

Eileen Elizabeth- Vegan Private Chef, Health Coach, and Vegan Transitional Consultant. Restaurant menu exploration and design. Offers weekly meal drop off for customers with specialized healing needs. 

Lauren Henry- Holistic Health Coach and Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Specializes in Medical Medium information. 

Amber Vizacarro- Holistic Health Coach, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and Health Intuitive. Specializes in Medical Medium information.

Breanna Pasqua- Intuitive Astrologer and Energy Healing Practitioner. 

Ashley Smaldino- Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor and registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. 

Alison Ofstedal- Intuitive and Quantum Healer. Evolutionary Astrologer, Mentor. Co-Host of the Aligned Podcast with Jessica Meils. 

Jessica Meils- Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Healer and Mentor. Co-Host of the Aligned Podcast with Ali Ofstedal. Offers womb healing, mediumship, intuitive readings and teaches intuitive healing classes.

Alex Levy- Akashic Soul Readings and Soul Coaching

Mariia Tsegelnyk- Reiki Master Teacher, Violet Flame, Shamanic and Metatron Practitioner--The Light of Healing energy healing school

Berna "Lehua" Riveira- Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader, Space Clearing, Space Blessings

Travis Day- Human Design Practitioner and Surf Instructor

Claudia Bumuller- Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Soul Coach, Meditation and Sound Healer, Relationship Soul Coach and Mentor, Yoga Teacher. offers all kinds of reiki degree classes and soul mentorship programs.

Karen Frazier- Reiki Master Teacher, Author and Psychic Medium. Teaches classes about Reiki, crystals, energy healing and psychic phenomenon.

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